SaaS-Empowering IT Economics Globally

by Vic Mankotia VP - Solutions Strategy, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies

The fast pace of business today requires that companies remain agile and respond to change quickly and effectively. On-premise solutions need protracted and intricate sketch outs unlike SaaS based ITSM which can be implemented easily without any hassles. Enterprises recognize the hurtling and compelling benefits of a SaaS based ITSM as SaaS has become a prevalent delivery model and through SaaS based service management, software can be democratized easily to the clients. Complexities in IT are no longer resolved with on-premise solutions but efficiently settled with browser based cloud service solutions. However, the myriad of business benefits cannot be applauded without addressing data security challenges posed by cloud based services.

Security Challenges in a Mobile Enabled Enterprise
In the advent of complexities in IT space, the biggest cheerleader for connecting platforms is “application economy”. People connected via cloud or any social media platform converges at a point called as application. Applications are powering the economy today. The simplicity of an application can be viewed from the way it enables the user to unlock complexities of day-to-day operations ranging from an email application to a currency exchange application. Every CIO’s prime focus dwells in the development of applications at a quicker pace. In mobile enabled enterprise or an open enterprise chances of security attacks gradually spike and choosing the right mobility service management approach becomes critical. Deploying confidential information and critical IT resources in the cloud raises alarms about vulnerability to attack especially because of the multi-tenant nature of cloud computing. Email is one of the most common points of interaction where the content remains susceptible all the time .Enterprises can harp on few notable things to tackle with the vulnerabilities. Mobile device management, mobile application management, content management and mobile enterprise email management are few comprehensive ways to deal with security issues.

Ensure Risk Free SSO
With the dawn of high security applications on the Web and risk-based and authentication systems, IAM has moved into controlled and managed sign-on solutions
Security and convenience drives SSO implementation in an organization but SSO is adhered with few discontents. Poorly controlled SSO may lead to regulatory non-compliance because the company data goes under the risk of misuse. To control that risk organizations must encourage laying various layers of authentications between sign-ons. Depending upon the role of the user, privileged access and the DNA of the device, a risk core should be determined and shared across the corporate and then initiate the need of strong authentication factor. A right technology clubbed with governance plays an imperative role in making SSO solutions risk free. Enterprises like CA technologies, recommend such strategies which can ensure security to its users in a mobile enabled ecosystem.

Data Management in a Cloud Connected World May not be Fuss Free
Buoyed by the early wins of big data, organizations today expect to make data management fuss free in a cloud connected world. There has been an increase in the scale of the data generated as well as consumed by applications that are being deployed in cloud platforms. The security concerns and loss of control over data in cloud are worth more discussion. Some enterprises are reluctant in adopting cloud based service and recommend the usage of private cloud solution as the exposure of data in an open shared environment may kindle the risk of seizure by the government.
Security concerns in terms of managing data in cloud can be handled via Data integration which ensures the transfer, storage and retrieval of data unswerving. Enterprise may find some critical ways to empower few standards to guarantee data integrity in the coming years. In order to effectively and successfully secure the use of cloud based services; enterprises can match threats accompanied with business demand and address it with right management security approach.
The need of better IT Strategy will always remain as one of the most important factor driving Saas ITSM across the organization with cloud as a platform. The Saas has become a predominant framework for delivering applications to various SMB’s at faster and regulated pace today.