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August - 2016 issue

Cover Story

Deepawali Dutta Neeyamo: Innovative HR Solutions
A well-known Fortune 500 organization had trouble pertaining to disconnected processes in different entities within the organization.This decentralized function led to various unwarranted HR...

In My Opinion

Ravinder P Singh, Director Be the Digital Architect for a Future Ready India
By Ravinder P Singh, Director
The Indian economy has been abuzz with constant endeavours towards developing smart cities, implementing IoT and building a Digital India.  more >>

10 Most Promising HR ERP Solutions Providers

ERP Insights Team Spine Technologies: Deriving Value for Clients and Employees
By ERP Insights Team
HR and payroll processes are intricated with diverse challenges ranging from tax calculations, compliance policies to accumulating employees' information. Organizations across the globe are on a...  more >>

ERP Insights Team ITSL: Superior IT Solutions
By ERP Insights Team
The HR software market is growing at a fast pace with each year. Organizations in order to cope up with the trend and to be able to comply with all statutory needs are implementing diverse software.  more >>

ERP Insights Team HCM Info System: Quality Focused HR Solutions
By ERP Insights Team
Organizations have come to the realization today that attracting and retaining skilled talent is the key to superior employee experiences in the work process. It solely depends on the team of an...  more >>

ERP Insights Team Emperor Solutions: Object oriented Application and Web based Software & Services
By ERP Insights Team
The HR Software market is becoming cost effective with the development of innovative technology like mobile application, cloud based solutions and also the integration of ERP Software. Such...  more >>

ERP Insights Team Interbiz: Redefining HR Management
By ERP Insights Team
Recruiting, developing, and retaining workforce has become more intricate in today�s growing economy; failing to which companies are unable to expand their operations and meet their targeted...  more >>

CEO Insights

Rahul Garg, CEO and Founder Bringing SaaS and Commerce Together for Procurement!
By Rahul Garg, CEO and Founder
Procurement has always been one of the most critical business functions due to the most complex processes this function typically follows. Procurement is critical as the financial bottom-line is...  more >>

CIO Insights

Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, Head of IT Data Offloading - A Growing Trend
By Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, Head of IT
Uncertain economic conditions around the world, as well as changing customer behavior and availability of information, have brought a sea change in the way data and especially analytics...  more >>

CXO Insights

Srinivas Sagi, VP- IT The Key to Reap the Fruits of ERP is Successful Implementation
By Srinivas Sagi, VP- IT
Every organization, be it a large organization or a SME, requires an agile and affordable business management system which provides benefits of real-time capabilities for their business.  more >>

Rajesh Maurya, Regional Director Outsmart the Bad and Safeguard The Good: Data Loss Prevention Strategies.
By Rajesh Maurya, Regional Director
Preventing the loss of critical or sensitive data has been an issue for as long as there has been proprietary information and intellectual property.  more >>

Prakash Malayalam, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Offer How a Single Platform can help Serve as a Multi-Channel Sales Medium
By Prakash Malayalam, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Offer
Omni-channel is the new buzz word; it is emerging and helping businesses provide uncompromising experiences across multiple customer touchpoints.  more >>

Sameer Wadhwa, Director New Digital Frontiers for Your Mobile Enabled-Workforce
By Sameer Wadhwa, Director
Many CIOs today are invested heavily in mobile applications for their field force �be it the mobile customer relationship management (CRM) app for sales personnel or the enterprise mobility...  more >>

ERP Buzz World

ERP Insights Team Gartner Says Organizations Can Cut Software Costs by 30 Percent Using Three Best Practices
By ERP Insights Team
Savings Too Large to Ignore as Global Software Spending Forecast to Hit $332 Billion in 2016  more >>

ERP Insights Team Oracle Announces Major Sales Transformation and Cloud Expansion in India
By ERP Insights Team
To help ensure the most simple, personalized and effective sales experience for customers and future customers, Oracle has significantly transformed and digitized its sales operations.  more >>


Nandini Mukherjee Integration of HR Process with IT
By Nandini Mukherjee
Traditionally considered an administrative function, human resources (HR) has shifted to a more active role of managing a company\\\'s most precious asset - its people.  more >>