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September - October - 2015 issue

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Pankaj Kundwani Focus Softnet: An IT Solutions Provider to Depend On
The three primary objectives for any business are profit, growth and survival, and organizations achieving these goals are fortunate to see their efforts paying off.

In My Opinion

PavanK. Malladi, CIO and Head Information and Communications Technology Sales, Ericsson India IOT and Servitization in Manufacturing - A Quick Guide to Key Technology Enablers
By PavanK. Malladi, CIO and Head Information and Communications Technology Sales, Ericsson India
When a Swedish manufacturer of bearings introduced 'sensors' in its bearings which would record machine rotations to provide a unique service to its customers on predicting machine life and...  more >>

20 Most Promising Manufacturing Software and Solutions Providers

ERP Insights Team 20 Most Promising Manufacturing Software and Solutions Providers
By ERP Insights Team
As the scale of operations goes up, manufacturers intend to depend on more and more processes, operations, activities, functions and systems to advance their businesses. Manufacturing software and...  more >>

ERP Insights Team Chhabra Infosolutions: Making Factories Smarter, Efficient and Profitable
By ERP Insights Team
Every business effort is directed to respond to customers' demands promptly, get products to the market faster, increase overall profitability, and consistently outperform the competition.  more >>

ERP Insights Team Concord Technologies: Achieving Operational and Business Goals Made Easy
By ERP Insights Team
As a manufacturing plant runs across acres, larger lead times in gathering data from multiple silo systems within a plant leads to delayed response to process deviations and decision making.  more >>

ERP Insights Team G4 Solutions & Applications: High Quality Services for an Ever Changing Manufacturing Industry
By ERP Insights Team
Manufacturing industry has been evolving rapidly for the last three decades with giant strides, especially in the area of machining. One can really understand the importance of manufacturing sector...  more >>

ERP Insights Team Helium Consulting: Software Services and Solutions for Process Industries- Internet of Things (IoT) for Refining, Chemicals and Pharma
By ERP Insights Team
The process industries are evolving rapidly on the technology front of achieving operations excellence in their plants and supply chains.  more >>

ERP Insights Team eAlerta: Helping SME with Real Time Insights to achieve operational efficiency
By ERP Insights Team
In a manufacturing plant, keeping track of production and material movement is a meticulous task. As a solution, implementing MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) may not be affordable for SMEs.  more >>

ERP Insights Team Sneash Software: Operational Excellence Assured
By ERP Insights Team
The manufacturing industry in India is taking up a new shape with the \'Make in India\' initiative taken by the Prime Minister.  more >>

ERP Insights Team Tanaashi Group: Monitor and Control Your Manufacturing Business Processes with Ease
By ERP Insights Team
The changes in consumer demands, the nature of the products and the economies of production have led to a fundamental shift in the way manufacturing companies run their businesses.  more >>

ERP Insights Team Hi-Tech eSoft: An Enabler in the Aftermarket Supply Chain and Management
By ERP Insights Team
The challenges facing the contemporary aftermarket supply chain are accentuated due to;  more >>

CIO Insights

Vipul Anand, Group CIO, JSPL Leveraging technology to Cater to Multi-location Work Space
By Vipul Anand, Group CIO, JSPL
Information Technology by nature is a powerful enabler, enhancing operational efficiencies of plants and processes across sectors.  more >>

Anjani Kumar, CIO, Safexpress Estimating the Impact of Next Generation ERP in Logistics Management
By Anjani Kumar, CIO, Safexpress
ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) has been the core software application for most companies for last 15-20 years. Over the time, there has been a lot of consolidation as well as transformation in...  more >>

Johny Paramian, Executive Vice President and Group CIO, GMR Group Usage Of Information Technology To Increase Enterprise Productivity And Enhance Value
By Johny Paramian, Executive Vice President and Group CIO, GMR Group
The shift in thinking of the leadership teams within organizations from 'Cost Cutting' to 'Raising Productivity' and 'Enhancing value' has been gaining momentum over the years.  more >>

CEO Insights

ERP Insights Team The New World Of The Technology Field
By ERP Insights Team
Gone are the days when developing a technology was a simple SDLC cycle, consisting of gathering requirements, designing, coding, testing and deploying.  more >>

ERP Insights Team Pervacio: Delivering Robust Applications To Service Mobilty
By ERP Insights Team
With the rapid expansion of mobile phones and handheld devices in and out of the workplace, it is clear that organizations need a simple way to manage them.  more >>

ERP Buzz World

ERP Insights Team India Factory Automation Market to Grow at Around 12% by 2020, Concludes TechSci Research
By ERP Insights Team
According to recently released TechSci Research report, "India Factory Automation Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020", factory automation market in India is projected to register growth at a...  more >>

ERP Insights Team Microsoft Reinvents Productivity with Upcoming Release of Customer Engagement Solution
By ERP Insights Team
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 features enhancements in productivity, intelligence, mobility and customer service  more >>