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November - 2015 issue

Cover Story

Pankaj Kundwani ICAN BPO: An Alter-Ego of SMEs
Data is one of the most precious assets a business may own. However, extracting value out of this data to acquire, serve, retain customers and build a growth trajectory for the business is a...

In My Opinion

Helen Arnold, Chief Information Officer and Chief Process Officer, SAP SE How CIOs are Adapting in the Digital World
By Helen Arnold, Chief Information Officer and Chief Process Officer, SAP SE
Thanks to the cloud and the digital economy, today's CIOs have a strong strategic leadership role to play. Savvy CIOs realize that the cloud is here to stay, and they focus on preparing their...  more >>

CXO Insights

Rajesh Batra, Vice President - IT, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute Consumerization of IT in Healthcare
By Rajesh Batra, Vice President - IT, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute
In the growing world of technology advances, the role of IT can be noticed in every aspect of industrial as well as personal lives.  more >>

Mark C. Lloyd, Executive Vice President and Founder at Inspirata Inc Digital pathology- Doctor's Next Generation Tool to Better Refine Their Practice
By Mark C. Lloyd, Executive Vice President and Founder at Inspirata Inc
Cancer kills. Grandparents, mothers, sons, cousins, none are discriminated by age, gender, socio-economic standing, location, ethnicity or other factors. Unfortunately, almost everyone knows...  more >>

Srinivas Sagi, VP- IT, GVK Industries Limited The Key to Reap the Fruits of ERP is Successful Implementation
By Srinivas Sagi, VP- IT, GVK Industries Limited
Every organization, be it a large organization or a SME, requires an agile and affordable business management system which provides benefits of real-time capabilities for their business.  more >>

CEO Insights

Ambarish Gupta, CEO and Founder, Knowlarity Communications A Rising Star Called SaaS, Takes its Place in the Spotlight
By Ambarish Gupta, CEO and Founder, Knowlarity Communications
Here's a non-business related question. Let's say you're given a choice. You could either cook yourself a sumptuous, nutritious meal with the finest ingredients.  more >>

ERP Insights Team SCIO Health Analytics: Impacting healthcare cost and quality through analytics
By ERP Insights Team
The marketplace is eager for actionable insights and outcomes from the volume of data available in healthcare today. There is a need for enterprises to position themselves as partners leveraging...  more >>

CIO Insights

Sumit Singh, CIO, Wockhardt Hospitals Healthcare Sector: Getting More with Use of Information Technology
By Sumit Singh, CIO, Wockhardt Hospitals
The delivery of healthcare services has gone through a paradigm shift in the past couple of decades in our country. Private players have entered the space and brought new ways to achieve higher...  more >>

ERP Insights Team Transitioning to Chief Innovation Officer
By ERP Insights Team
There has never been a better time to be a Chief Information Officer (CIO).Technology has matured from back office automation to becoming an integral part of most company's product offerings.  more >>

20 Most Promising Healthcare Solutions and Services Providers

ERP Insights Team 20 Most Promising Healthcare Solutions and Services Providers
By ERP Insights Team
The Indian healthcare industry is a flourishing sector in the present economic scenario. As the industry is growing at a robust compound annual growth rate of 16 percent from 2011 to 2020, it is...  more >>

Deepshikha Singh ClearPath Healthcare Services: Introducing a Modern Approach towards Teeth Straightening
By Deepshikha Singh
Malocclusion, the phenomenon of imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed, is reportedly the third most important condition in the ranking of oral health problems.  more >>

Deepshikha Singh Doshaheen Solutions: Driving a Shift from Recording Healthcare to Delivering Healthcare
By Deepshikha Singh
Although the use of IT in healthcare is burgeoning, there exists a huge disparity between the adoption of IT in Indian healthcare sector.  more >>

Deepshikha Singh Euradite Consumer Health and Life Care: Superior Quality Nutrition Products at Affordable Value
By Deepshikha Singh
The Indian population today accounts to almost 17 percent of the world\'s total population, yet its domestic nutrition supplement market is just approximately 2 percent of the global market.  more >>

Arunakshree Das GlobalSpace Healthcare Technologies: Healthcare beyond Borders
By Arunakshree Das
Good healthcare in terms of skills and infrastructure are deprived in many countries of the world. People of these countries are left with no choice but to travel to other countries for...  more >>

Arunakshree Das Indicare: Continuous Care with Indicare's Careline Platform
By Arunakshree Das
With a geriatric population of over 200 million in India, the country is still struggling to build a mechanism which could provide care to people in their golden years.  more >>

Arunakshree Das Moksha Media: Revamp Your Healthcare Branding Needs through the Right Blend of Technology and Creativity
By Arunakshree Das
Years ago, the need for adverting in the healthcare industry was quite superfluous. Patients usually made healthcare decisions based on their doctors' recommendations and prior experience.  more >>

Arunakshree Das Saarathi Healthcare: Going Beyond Prescriptions
By Arunakshree Das
In spite of several breakthroughs in the field of medicines, the benefits reach only a miniscule segment of the population. Affordability, education, access and poor treatment outcome continue to...  more >>

Arunakshree Das Safexpress: The Connecting Nerve for Healthcare Industry
By Arunakshree Das
A major bottleneck faced in the healthcare industry is the lack of time-sensitivity, mostly caused due to delays in the arrival of the healthcare products in the market.  more >>

Deepshikha Singh Samskriti Business Solutions: Parking Healthcare Organizations in the Digital Space
By Deepshikha Singh
As more and more people are turning to online sources, the digital outreach is becoming an effective and economical way for healthcare organizations to reach out to those in need.  more >>

ERP Buzz World

ERP Insights Team India's E-Health Market place to reach Rs.109 crore by FY20
By ERP Insights Team
Ken Research recently announced its latest publication on India E-Health Services Market Outlook to 2020 – Focus on On-Call Home Healthcare, Telemedicine, M-Health and Healthcare IT Segment which...  more >>

ERP Insights Team Sage Software accelerates growth for Pharma & Bulk Drug Industries through advance ERP Solutions
By ERP Insights Team
Mumbai headquartered Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading ERP, CRM and HCM provider recently announced the deployment of Sage X3 to cater to the specialized ERP needs of Pharma & Bulk Drug...  more >>


Pankaj Kundwani Healthcare in India Needs the IT Nerve
By Pankaj Kundwani
One of the great newsmen Walter Cronkite once famously commented on the healthcare system in America which I strongly find apt for the Indian healthcare system too.  more >>